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Magic Kingdom Tips and Secrets

Published on March 23, 2014 by Russ & Stani

Magic Kingdom Tips and Secrets

Our Magic Kingdom Tips and Secrets page also includes some great trivia about the top Disney park. For anyone visiting this fairytale place you can learn some history about the park, as well as many great tips and bits of advice to make your trip more fun.

Magic Kingdom Facts

Magic Kingdom opened as the first part of Walt’s planned Florida Project on October 1, 1971. It was the only theme park on the resort at the time and opened at the same time as two hotels on the property: Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The park opened with 23 attractions, three unique to the park and 20 copies of attractions at Disneyland.

When Disney’s Magic Kingdom first opened its doors on October 1, 1971, adult admission cost $3.50. Although expecting 100,000 guests, the opening day only brought in 10,000 visitors.

In the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot only 6 of the 7 dwarfs have a lot named after them!  There is Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, and Sneezy.  No Doc!  Why no Doc?  While naming the sections in the world’s 3rd largest parking lot, the designers were afraid people might get the Boat Dock and the Parking Lot “Doc” confused.  You could actually fit all of DisneyLand into the MK Parking Lot and still have room to park 500 cars!

Main Street, USA was inspired by a small town in Marceline, Missouri, which is where Walt grew up.

The Seven Seas Lagoon located in front of the Magic Kingdom is actually a man made lake. The soil that was dug up to construct it was used to “build up” the ground level for the construction of the Magic Kingdom. The famous Utilidors of the Magic Kingdom, know to be tunnels below the park, are actually at ground level, with the park built on top.

Big Thunder Mountain took 10 years of planning and 18 months to build. They used 650 tons of steel, 4,675 tons of specially made ‘mud,’ and more than 9,000 gallons of paint. The cost of $17 million equals that of the California Disneyland opening in 1955. Additionally, $300,000 was spent on set decorations.

Cinderella’s Castle stands 189 feet tall–100 feet taller than the castle in Disneyland in California–but the Florida counterpart appears even taller due to “forced perspective” that is used on most of the buildings in the Magic Kingdom. As the building gets taller, its width gets smaller, which gives those looking up the feeling that the building is higher than it is. The castle is made entirely of fiberglass with 18 towers and 13 gargoyles.

Since 1971, an estimated 1.5 million pairs of sunglasses have been submitted to the Walt Disney World Lost and Found department. The sunshine state seems to encourage over 100 pairs of sunglasses to be stored into the Magic Kingdom every day

The replica of the Liberty Bell that can be found in the center of Liberty Square was built from the same authentic cast as the original in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Magic Kingdom Tips and Secrets

Don’t go to Magic Kingdom on Monday or Saturday if you can help it. These tend to be the busiest day for this park. Wednesday is known to be the quietest day for Magic Kingdom.

The busiest times for meals are 11am – 2pm, and 5pm – 7pm try to eat outside of these times if you want to avoid large queues at the counter service places and restaurants.

When you first walk into Magic Kingdom in the right under the train station (where the photo place is) go inside and around the back and there are some scenes where you can take some pictures. (snow white, black and white mickey mouse, 100 Dalmatians and more.

A few short steps from the Fire Department is the Harmony Barber Shop, marked with an old-style red-and-white-striped barber pole. It’s open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, no appointment necessary. If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to harmonies from the Dapper Dans, the park’s resident barbershop quartet. And if it’s your child’s first haircut, or even if you just want to clown around, barber Michal and his colleagues have a special cape, props and lots of pixie dust for silly pictures.

Have you ever visited Tony’s Town Square restaurant? Stop for a minute before you head in to pose with Goofy on the bench in front of the entrance, and don’t be surprised if he answers you back when you try to chat with him. Also, be sure to look down as you walk up the steps — you’ll find pawprints encircled in a heart from those romantics, Lady and the Tramp.

Magic Kingdom Tips - StatuesRight near the Partners statue, in front of the castle, there are little statues of several of the Disney characters. You can get some great pictures of the family with Dumbo, Chip & Dale, Pinocchio, Donald Duck and Pluto. It can be a good way to pass the time while you wait for your turn for a picture next to the Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse Statue.

On Cinderella’s Carousel there is only one horse on the carousel that has a gold ribbon on its tail.  This particular horse is rumored to be Cinderella’s favorite.

Tucked off to the side of Cinderella Castle is what’s called “Fairytale Garden” and it’s home to an unsung little attraction called “Storytime with Belle”. Several times each day, Belle appears and chooses a number of children from the audience to help her recreate the story of her adventure with the Beast. After the skit, she even takes the time to sign autographs and pose for a picture. It’s an up-close and personal treat that little ones love. Stone benches provide seating for about 50 people, and the show is seldom crowded due to its obscure location.

Wake up Tinkerbell – in her shop, tinkerbell’s treasures, its a sweet little surpise for any Disney fan. It can be done many times during the day. There is a bell on the counter, and when it is rung tink flies around the shop and then appears on a flat screen behind the counter. The kids can get pixie dust in their hair too.

Tomorrowland has one of my favorite Overlooked Attractions — PUSH, the walking, talking trashcan who delights unsuspecting guests several times a day while roaming the sidewalks of Tomorrowland, frequently just outside Cosmic Ray’s. Ask a Cast Member when and where PUSH will be making his appearance.

Just wanted to give an update for scoring points on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. In the first room, aim for the left arm of the left robot for 100,000 points, and when you are on Planet Z and you see Zurg, hit the bottom target of his space scooter for 100,000 points. As you enter the second room, try to shoot the volcano.

The raft ride leading from the dock in Frontierland isn’t just for atmosphere. There’s actually something to *do* once you get to the other side — even *lots* of somethings. Tom Sawyer Island is home to Fort Langhorne, a play area for kids that features underground mazes and lookout platforms. There are plenty of places for the “old folks” to sit and rest while the young’uns blow off some steam.

Another little-known thing to try on Tom Sawyer Island is find one of the paintbrushes Tom and Huck left behind. If you find one, don’t just leave it there — take it back to a Cast Member for a special prize, maybe even a “go to the front of the line” pass for a major attraction!

When every third log boat comes down the big drop into the briar patch, an auxiliary water cannon shoots off a charge of water that soaks folks standing on the bridge to Big Thunder Mountain.

If you are an old hat at Disney World and would like a little twist on one of our Magic Kingdom tips, ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at night. We hit Splash Mountain late one night because we were avoiding the long lines and wow it was gorgeous and a little mysterious too.

Brer Rabbit’s house – a place where kids can play that also makes a great photo op, outside of Splash Mountain.

Pay a visit to Storybook Treats in Fantasyland. The ice cream sundaes are to die for and the prices were great! If your family likes ice cream, then this is the place to go. It beats the pre-made ice cream stands found all over the park.

Avoid using the restrooms near Fantasyland if you can help it. They are also packed, dirty and there are line-ups.

For a different great place to view wishes at MK go in front of Dumbo’s ride and face away from the castle. The fireworks are directly overhead!! In fact, they are all around you. You can still hear the music, but the effects are fantastic. There’s no need to get there early as few people know about this spot. There are a few tables and chairs so you can sit and have a treat.

A great place to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom is from the ferry. If you time it right, you can see the whole display clearly and miss the crowds for the transport afterwards.

One of our most important Magic Kingdom Tips is not to stand right in front of Cinderella’s castle for the fireworks. They are shot from behind the castle, and you don’t see much if you are in front. Head a bit further back towards Main Street for a better view

Make use of the free package delivery service. If you make any purchases in the parks. Your shopping will be sent to the park exit, saving you from carrying all those bags full of fun souvenirs around with you.

A good way to take a nap without going back to your hotel room: Take a nap in the Hall of Presidents – 23 minutes of air conditioned relaxation.

As the day winds down, don’t forget about the Flag Retreat, held daily at 5 p.m. in Town Square. If you are or someone in your party is a veteran, inquire at City Hall about acting as the “Veteran of the Day,” so you can participate in this special flag-lowering ceremony.

Since the Main Street shops don’t close until a half-hour to an hour after the park, consider stopping for an ice cream treat or a bake shop goodie, while letting the departing crowds thin. If you linger long enough, maybe you’ll get a photo of the Castle with virtually no one else in it! Also, most nights you’ll be able to experience the “Kiss Goodnight” — the Castle is drenched in a rainbow of changing colors. It’s truly magical to stand there for a few quiet moments as the day fades away.

When everyone is leaving the Magic Kingdom the monorails tend to get very crowded. The Disney Staff will tell you to use the Transportation and Ticket Center monorail. It is always crowded. Use the resort monorail. This takes you to the Contemporary but stay on and you’ll get to the transportation and ticket center a lot faster.

We hope that you enjoyed our Magic Kingdom Tips and Secrets, along with the interesting facts. There is so much to learn about each and every Disney Park and by spending a little time doing your research you can truly enjoy these wonderful parks much more and save some time in the process…..Enjoy!

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  • Levi Stenson
    on March 25, 2014

    Wow! I never thought I could learn much more than I already did about this beautiful park. This article was very informative and some great little tips and secrets to investigate when I return to MK. I will report back after my next visit later this year.


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